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Alto Saxophone Lessons

Our goal with these very basic Sax Lessons is to give a new Alto Sax Player, step by step instruction on how to buy an Alto Sax, what you need to play your Alto Sax, how to put it all together and an idea how to get a sound out of the Alto so you can start having fun right away.

These sax lessons are for the very new sax student. More lessons may come for the more advanced sax student and we do have other sites online that cover more advanced sax player questions. Go to Alto Sax US Site Info for links to other sites in the Greg Vail Network of Websites.

So, you want to play the Alto Sax???

Alto Sax Lesson 1 - Buying My First Alto Saxophone

Quick Notes or full article - Buy, Rent or Borrow?

Alto Sax Lesson 2 - Alto Saxophone Accessories

What do you need to play an Alto Sax?

Alto Sax Lesson 3 - Alto Sax Assembly

How do I put my Alto Sax together?

Alto Sax Lesson 4 - Play Alto Sax

How do I blow and finger my Alto Saxophone?

Where do you want to go now?

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